Sheryl Allen
Coldwell Banker Realty

One of the most important things in life to me after my family, is a satisfied client. I go out of my way to treat every client the way I would want to be treated. Over the years many of my clients have become friends. One day I would like to add your statement to the list.

People over the years have asked me what I attribute my success to. I always answer "I care a little bit more than my competitors."

 Sheryl was very professional and yet very personable. She was always quick to keep me updated and great when it came to recommendations on fixes and during the negotiation phase. I would always recommend Sheryl to everyone I know. - Ryan Jackman, Seller in Round Lake

Excellent service and good market knowledge.  Marco Birtig, Buyer in Long Grove
Sheryl was an excellent agent. If something had to be done, I was 100% confident that she would get it done. She does not mince words on what she thinks about a listing. I could definitely tell she has years of experience just by her knowledge of the real estate market and the houses themselves. I appreciate the hard work she did for my family to find a house we love. - Sean Dunne, Buyer in Gurnee
I'm very thankful for all of Sheryl's hard work finding us a home. She was extremely accommodating, always working with our schedule and showing us all our options. Sheryl was quite helpful in making our decision. - Nathan Wheeler, Buyer in Wheeling
Sheryl is very knowledgeable and friendly. She communicated with the other agents in a professional manner. I would recommend her to my family and friends.
Yvette, Palatine
I had been procrastinating in selling this property due to my bad experiences with other realtors in the past. Sheryl Allen was excellent at putting me at ease, in explaining exactly what needed to be done, at keeping me informed at all times, and helping me get the property to sale condition. I am really pleased with the entire experience of working with her. Sheryl Allen was also very upfront about everything at all times, and told the bad news as well as the good, which I appreciate also. If she had not been my realtor, I don't think I ever would have gotten this property sold. I highly recommend her, great experience overall!”
Matt Emrich, Washington, DC
Sheryl was amazing - her knowledgeable advice was absolutely critical to us since this was our first home purchase. She definitely steered us in the right directions and helped educate us about aspects of the process we didn't know about. And she is a killer negotiator!
Anonymous, Grayslake, IL
Sheryl is the Very Best in the Business.
Lani Gill Flesch
Because we had three weeks of wasted time with our previous broker, we needed to make quicker decisions for a condo. Thanks for the quick response and hard work.
Marc Nielsen, Buffalo Grove, IL
She is very knowledgeable. She make us feel comfortable to leave our house in her hand. She gave us suggestions for the updates and turned out the great selling point for us.
Nilan Shakya, Bellevue Washington
Sheryl was personable and knoweligable about the market in the area.
Tom P.
Sheryl helped my fiancé and I find our dream home in a very short amount of time. She listened carefully to our needs and was discerning in the properties she showed us. We purchased a gem with her help. We are so thrilled to have our perfect first home! Big thanks to Sheryl for knowing the area, school districts and value of the homes we looked at...we couldn't be happier and could not have done it without her guidance.
Katie Borzych, Buffalo Grove
Sheryl Allen was great in every aspect of the sale. Immediate response to calls and emails. Listened to our wishes. She gave highly constructive advice. I highly recommend her to any prospective client.
J Marsik
I wanted to let you know that my wife, Mandy, and I were fortunate to have Sheryl Allen (Coldwell Banker) as our realtor as we moved our family from New York to Vernon Hills, IL.  Sheryl is truly customer focused in every way.  She was always flexible to suit our needs in looking for the right house for our family, always cheerful and patient, and provided valuable input on both the area and houses as we looked at them.  We took her opinions very seriously but she always stressed that our happiness was paramount.  She also proved to be a top notch negotiator, consistently exceeding our expectations in what we price we could negotiate with the seller. I would highly recommend Sheryl as a realtor to anyone at Kraft Foods and we would certainly want to work with her in the future if we move again.
Sincerely - Pat Kocher

Sheryl Allen sold my home within 3 days after being listed. Sheryl provided good insight and ideas that would help sell the house and provided me with any resources I needed to make it happen. Sheryl kept me updated on any showings, comments, and feedback. Sheryl always exhibited the best professional attittude and ethics in selling my home.
Gwen Giralamo

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More Testimonial Letters

Beginning our house hunt in January we decided to work with a realtor to find a house for our growing family. We worked with someone for 3 months who did a mediocre job and did as much as was asked from him and nothing more. He then turned us away from a house we were interested in. We fired him. We couldn't stop but to think about this Realtor our brother-in-law worked with and had been pestering us saying how great she is and how she does a great job and it went on and on. He had been telling us this for months and we finally decided to give her a call.
We called Sheryl on a Friday. That same day we saw more houses than we could have ever imagined. She did everything in her power to get us in every house we would potentially consider. By Sunday we had placed a bid and the offer had been accepted on our dream home. Sheryl was with us through every step of the way guiding us and was there for any questions we may have had. She kept in close contact throughout the finalization process.
Pretty soon we had found ourselves talking about things that had nothing to do with the house more so we were talking about how everyone is doing from her children to my niece and nephew. Needless to say even after we got the house Sheryl was invited over for parties. Originally we introduced her as our Realtor, but mid sentence we stopped and said this is our good family friend. Sheryl Allen is an unexpected gift given once in a lifetime. We worked with her as our Realator and bought a house, but received a dear and true life long friend.
Kevin Londos & Andrea Kover

Sheryl Allen from Coldwell Banker In Libertyville did a outstanding job from start to finish. From day one, we knew how Sheryl was going to operate, what moves and when to expect them, and the market assessment Sheryl did was spot on ! The real estate market was still on the decline in 2011 and Sheryl knew what we wanted to do and by when.

Not only did she meet our expectations, she exceeding them! In the process of trying to sell your house you know things are going to come up and it drives a certain level of emotions and anxiety. Sheryl not only helped us deal with that, she helped us overcome any issues along the way and exceeded our expectation! In today's day and age you treat people the way you want to be treated, Sheryl is a exception to the rule by treating us better. Save your time and money by not looking around for a good real estate agent when a great one is right here by the name of Sheryl Allen.
Sean Brock


I wanted to thank you on behalf of myself, my wife and our two kids. Your relentless search and efforts helped us find a great home.

Your patience and kindness were greatly appreciated throughout the process. As I’m sure you remember; we dealt with some very unprofessional agents and difficult homeowners and you never wavered from your positive attitude or determination to find us the “right” home. That goes a long way in demonstrating your professionalism.

Once we found the right house for my family (after visiting numerous houses), you continued your efforts all the way, right through closing. In the current economy and housing market, service and ethics are often forgotten about once the “deal” is made. I’m glad we chose to work with you.

If anyone asks us who to choose as their agent, without hesitation, we will recommend you.
The Unger family


Thank you so much for your time and effort and all of the labor you have into getting our home sold. You have went above and beyond the call of what a realtor should and has done. You took calls, text messages also responded and even when my kids had basketball games and something needed to be signed, you met me at the gym. From the first day I called you, you guided us on the right track. There were my set back but you continued on though all the road bumps and blockades. My husband and I thank you so much.
Bill Donehoo, Director of Sales

Quite unexpectantly, our family had to move. We met Sheryl and explained that we needed to get our house rented quickly, but at a fair price. Sheryl’s response was “I can come as close to guaranteeing that we will rent your house in 60 days and feel very strongly that we can get it rented in 30 days”. In this market, I had my doubts, but Sheryl came across as very confident, knowledgeable and honest. We ended up having the home rented in 21 DAYS. Our family was so happy with Sheryl’s performance and also more importantly that she brought in a GREAT family to rent our house.
If you want a Realtor in Lake County that will give you an honest plan to sell/buy/rent a home plus be available at any time of the day (she took my calls from 7:00am to 11:00pm) to talk, then Sheryl is your person.You can call me as a reference anytime.
LaTarsha Isom

Dear Sheryl,

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the tons of effort you have put on selling my townhome in Waukegan, especially under the most deteriorating condition of real estate market in the US history. My house was on the market in early July and under the contract two months later with first buyer who later was denied for a mortgage. Then, you continued pushing forward, and soon found another buyer with whom a contract was signed shortly, which eventually led to the final closing of the sale.

Through the whole process, your insight into the real estate market, you diligence, and most importantly, your care about your customers, all counted to the successful sale of my house. I would definitely recommend you to my friends or colleagues who may soon be selling or looking for houses.

With the holiday in the corner, I would like to wish you and your family the very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Jie Chen

Sheryl is fantastic. She ows what she is doing and gets the job done. We told er what we wanted to spend and spent two days fighting to get us!! She is like family!!
Libertyville Buyer

Sheryl Allen did an outstanding job for us. We did not purchase a home but rented one. We were treated just the same as if we were purchasing a home. I know the sales associates do no make as much commission on a rental as they would selling a home but Sheryl gave 150% of her time and listened to exactly what we were looking for and she found us one hell of a townhouse to live in. I am a Coldwell Banker Sheryl Allen customer (BIG FAN) for life! She made us feel like we were a part of her family. This is a rare quality any line of business and am pleased to see that it does exist. We will be looking to purchase a home or income property in the next 24 months and we will definitely be calling on Sheryl again.
Lake Villa Renter

Dear Sheryl:

Today when I opened my mail I received your note and a copy of the closing statement for Stanwich Road. Thank you, once again, for your attention to the details.

I can't believe that it has been over three years ago since we signed the contracts for the purchase of that house! I'm writing tonight to express our appreciation for everything that you have done for me and my family from the time you introduced us to the housing market in Vernon Hills in September, 1999 all the way through the sale of Stanwich Road and the lease arrangements for this townhouse in Libertyville last spring.

As I plan our next move back to New York in June I am recalling the infinite patience you had with us as we organized our relocation from New York to Chicago three years ago. Did you really know the Metra Schedules by heart and the average ACT scores of every class in District 128? I still have the folder with all the brochures, maps, phone numbers and calendars you mailed to me in New York that fall. You even gave me your best friend's home number so she could tell us about life in Vernon Hills. I particularly enjoyed the fun we had planning the finishes and upgrades with you and Isabelle from Centex. You made all the right suggestions for a what would become a very profitable resale! You have an amazing ability to combine the skills and experience of the consummate real estate professional with the warmth and humor of a good friend. Little did we know how much we would be needing a friend...

When it came time to sell that house it was crucial to us that we make an informed decision about the pricing and marketing of that property. I trusted your objectivity and your market knowledge to advise us on the appropriate strategies. It's hard to cede control in a negotiating situation, but we believed we had the best person on our side and we trusted you completely. All the while, you always found a way to make me laugh when I felt like crying or helped me take a deep breath when I needed to calm down. (I'd have to say now that it was that laughing thing that, ultimately, got us through the listing and sale of that house.) You were consistently sensitive, professional and efficient. Remember the painters who called my house two minutes after you hung up the phone with me? And let's not forget those car loads of people from St. Mary's who arrived to pick up the furniture donations. It reached the point that I was afraid to tell you I needed anything done at the house because I knew that if I did, a plumber, a carpet cleaner or gardener would be calling me in 15 to 20 nanoseconds!

Oh yes, there's more. How annoying was it to drag me around looking for a rental? We saw some interesting properties, eh? When you heard about a good match for us you got me over to the rental in five minutes flat. That landlord had a credit check done and lease prepared in twenty-four hours. How did you do that? Don't tell me. I don't want to know all your secrets. But I do want you to know how much we love you and what meeting you at that Open House in Buffalo Grove has meant to all of us. Thank you so very much. You're the best.
Moshe & Dorothy Shalev

Sheryl Allen was my realtor for both selling my home and purchasing my a new one in the spring of 2005. Both transactions went off without a hitch and I attribute that to Sheryl's experience, preparation and professionalism.

Vernon Hills homeWith respect to my home (condo) sale, she quickly evaluated what improvements were needed to my home to make it attractive to buyers. She also did a market evaluation and recommended a selling price that matched the market. The result was a sale within two weeks that bought the highest unit sales price in the development to that time.

Simultaneously, Sheryl was helping me find a home in the neighborhood I wanted. She constantly looked for homes coming onto the market that met my tastes and finances. One morning I reviewed the list that met my criteria and I saw one that looked like the perfect match. I called Sheryl and within 2 hours we were in the house, seeing it first hand. I made an offer, Sheryl worked all the details and I had the home I wanted at the price I could afford.

Less than 3 months passed from the time I contacted Sheryl about selling my home and the day I moved into my new home. Many things had to work in my favor to have that happen. But I couldn't have done it without Sheryl's help. Her hard work and attention to detail were instrumental throughout the process.
Jeff Zahn

Sheryl was easy to work with and is very open to client wishes and time schedules. She is hard-working and follows up on what you ask her for. It was a pleasure working with Sheryl in purchasing our condo. We will work with her again soon.
Evie and Chuck Campbell

We are greatful to Sheryl Allen who gives more than the average realtor and has her clients best interest at heart. She helped us sell our home in Buffalo Grove in less than a week. Her suggestions and help proved valuable. I am happy that she has become our friend. Thank you for everything.
Mark and Joyce Feldman

Dear Sheryl,

I can only tell you that I would have given up had I been you, the real-estate agent, when you worked with us over 6 years ago. We must have seen 25-30 homes or more. My wife, Andrea was pregnant at the time, and my daughter was also travelling with us most of the time. I recall that my mother also joined us on more than a few occasions. You were so helpful, explaining the pros and cons of every house and giving us your fair evaluation of the areas in which we were interested in living. You were always available at a moments notice, and ultimately found our dream house here on Rose Boulevard in Buffalo Grove. You even urged me to negotiate immediately so as not to lose this great house. We moved in just 6 years ago January 15th and will most likely live here a long, long time.
Thanks Sheryl, for your non-stop work ethic, the knowledge and experience that you posess, and the friendship that has endured through the years. We will forever be indebted to you, and recommend your services to everyone we know.
The Brook Family

Since we were buying our first home, we were very clueless about the home buying process. Sheryl helped us tremendously! She walked us through the whole process, laid out what we could expect, and helped us find a mortgage broker, inspector, and lawyer. She went above and beyond what I expected a realtor to do. I never thought we would find a house that fit all of our wants, needs and budget, but Sheryl found us one that was even better that I thought we would find. The best part about the home buying experience (besides finding the perfect house) was that I had so much fun doing it! It was wonderful to have a friendly and energetic person around during such a busy and stressful time!
Kelly Evers

Our experience with Sheryl overall was a very positive one. As first time home-buyers from out of state relocating to the area for work, my wife and I had very little idea what we were in for in the house-buying process. We really appreciated Sheryl's ability to quickly assess what it was that we were interested in, and helped us shape not only an image of what we should look for in a home, but an overall search strategy. Sheryl then took the information and created a filtered listing of homes that fit what we were looking for. My wife and I, while out of state, were then able to see the homes available and provide our comments. Based on this information Sheryl created a 15-house tour for us when we came in town for a weekend that was streamlined (minimal travel time) and incorporated houses that were exactly in line with what we were looking for, as well as some that we might want to consider. Each house that we visited was valuable (either because it introduced something new to us or because it was EXACTLY what we were looking for). After we found the house we wanted, Sheryl walked us through writing the offer, and then guided us through the negotiation process. In the end, we got the house of our dreams at the right price. Thanks Sheryl! Have a good one.
Colin Speakman

When we were purchasing a home 2 years ago, Sheryl did a great job of showing us all the options in all of the areas. She showed us houses in different districts and price ranges so that we were able to make an informed decision. Sheryl always had information about the schools and other breakdowns to help with our buying process. She was totally patient whether is was my 3 kids tagging along in the back seat or getting stuck in snow bank!!!

When our plans changed mid stream, Sheryl was quick to change with us and continue to meet our needs. She was comforting through some tough times.

Sheryl remains in great contact with us and we appreciate all the help she gives us. We can not wait to use her again in the future!!


Thank you for your efforts in selling our home in Vernon Hills! I especially appreciate the time you spent on my behalf during closing to make sure all the loose ends were tied up.

Thanks again,
Kevin Carlson

In real estate, it is easy to find an agent that is a technical expert in residential sales and purchasing. Sheryl has those capabilities. Sheryl knows the Northern and Northwest suburbs. She has long-standing business and community connections. But, there are a lot of real estate agents that claim those same traits.

What makes Sheryl unique, and why we have chosen her to serve as our trusted representative during three different transactions, is that she has taken the time to get to know us personally. She understands our current needs and long-term goals. Sheryl has always helped us to make the right real estate decision - both for our pocketbook and for our family.

Are we proud that Sheryl was able to get our condo under contract within 48 hours with a sales price remarkably near our asking price? Absolutely. But, we are even prouder to call Sheryl a friend.
Eric and Melissa Leuck

I needed to buy a house, but didn't know what area I wanted to move to. Sheryl was right there with ideas and suggestions, and showed me quite a few houses, until I found the ideal one. She took the time to get to know me and what I wanted. She was very patient and very knowledgeable. But above all, I actually had a good time house hunting with her!
Marcia Pozen

It was a pleasure working with you. You were both professional and personable, and we were very pleased with how you represented us in our home purchase. I'm not ashamed to say that my husband and I are very picky shoppers, and when it comes to shopping for something as important as a home, we know that we were quite demanding (and Im sure that me being pregnant at the time didnt help!) But you were great about everything! I sincerely appreciate the dedication you showed to my husband and me. The way you value your own family meant a lot to us also, as we are very family-oriented ourselves. It was a pleasure getting to know you!
Tivona & Karim Hill

This was our first home purchase and needless to say we really didnt know what to expect or how the process worked. Sheryl was terrific. She took the time to answer all of our questions and explain the whole process in detail. No question was left unanswered. She listened to what we wanted and what we needed in a house and set about locating suitable properties for us to look at. She was very patient as we looked for that perfect place, always ready to search again and find more prospects. When we found a house we were interested in, she was there to advise us and give us references to complete all the inspections, paperwork,and all the other various necessary procedures. At no time was she unavailable to help us in the process. Even after everything was said and done, she was still there to aid us in anything we needed. I would highly recommend Cheryl for her professionalism, ready smile and wit, and extensive knowledge. Thank you Sheryl for all your help. We always recommend your services to everyone we know and we will definitely use your services again in the future.

I want to thank you for the wonderful service you gave recently in selling my condo in Vernon Hills. The entire experience including your suggestions on how to make my home more attractive for sale, the efforts you made in holding an open house, and the guidance throughout the process was very professional. I also like the fact that you were able to refer me to another Coldwell Banker agent for the purchase of my new home (which is still a thrill). I have recommended you to several of my colleagues at work, and am certain you will show them the same first rate service.
Richard Berggreen, Chicago, IL

Sheryl Allen, without reservation, is one of the best real estate agents in the area. A few years ago, I hired her to help me sell my condominium. A few years ago, I hired her to help me sell my condominium. She created a great portfolio about my property and covered every aspect I believed would help make the sale. Not only did my condo sell in three days,it sold for full asking price. Not only is she one of the best realtor I have ever worked with, she is a great friend as well.
John Petersen, Design Consultant

Dear Sheryl,
I am writing this letter because I wanted to summarize my working relationship with you in regards to the help and professional assistance you provided in helping me to find a house for my family. I can honestly say that I was quite comfortable talking to you right from the very beginning. You were very knowledgeable about the real estate trends in the several areas where we looked at houses. After being away from the Lake County area for 17 years, I found this to be particular valuable for me.

You were always quite willing to accommodate my schedule, and in some instance with very little notice up front. That did not go unnoticed. I felt that it was very important to you that we found the right house for us, not just any house. I appreciated your candid feedback when we walked through a house and if you did not like it, you did not hesitate to tell me along with the reasons why.

During the week that my wife was available to look at the list of houses that I was interested in, you sacrificed your personal schedule to give us your full attention. I remember we looked at 13 houses in one day, followed by additional trips to narrow down the houses we were considering. 1 appreciated your help when it came time to make the offer on a house. I was impressed that you suggested a price for the house that was even lower than what I was contemplating. I was quite pleasantly surprised at how determined you were to get us the best price and terms possible, and I was quite happy when the negotiations were completed.
All in all, I was quite happy to have you to work with me on this huge decision, and I would not hesitate in the slightest to work with you again. Not only did you do a great job, but also you genuinely cared about my family and me. Thank you again for everything, we are quite happy with our new home.
Carl P. Denny

It was so nice of you to think of us at Valentines Day! Its been too long since weve gotten together I really want you to see our new home! You were such a fan of our Presidential Drive house, and worked so hard to stage it and photograph it and put it out there. From when you first walked through, and pointed out so many features you thought would impress buyers, I knew you were a star! Your belief in our house showed in the fantastic brochures, the ads you ran, the open houses with fresh flowers. I think you loved that house as much as I did!
You have spent so much time, so much energy, and so much money to get it sold! In this tough market, its amazing to me that youve had it under contract twice. I know working with relocation companies is frustrating, and you have handled it with humor and class, even when the relo company dragged their feet and made us all crazy. Youve worked your tail off, and have been so gracious to Bob and me, even though you don't have to, as were long gone!
We are so impressed with you and the work you put into being a professional realtor. Your willingness to meet painters, landscapers, electricians, and inspectors after we moved was incredibly helpful and generous. That you would win the hearts of the relocation company and keep the listing after our buyout is unusual; clearly they saw what we saw in you as well.
The icing on the cake was the beautiful Christmas gift, which sits by my side as I typeI just love it! It looks fabulous in our new home, which we love even more than Presidential Drive, are eager for you to see, and which someday you will surely need to sell for us.
Again, thank you again for all your work, and for your kindness. It was so nice working with you; when they sent all the agents over for me to interview, I liked you right from the start! Even now that its "over", Im glad that our friendship will continue. Let's get together soon? I always love seeing you!
Linda Creviston

Thank you for taking us to see homes in the Vernon HIlls area. You were great and we really liked the rapport we felt that we had with you. We'll be sure to recommend you to any of our colleagues, friends or family who may be looking for housing in your area.
Onney and Keith Crawley

My experiences with Sheryl have been absolutely the best! She is extremely professional, attentive to client's needs and concerns, hard working, well researched, very knowledgeable of the area, and always follows through on her word. Perhaps the thing I have appreciated most about Sheryl is how forthright and unpretentious she is: she really does "tell you like it is." Her no-nonsense style makes the whole process smooth and enjoyable. I would recommend no one else but Sheryl for anyone's real estate needs.
Shawn Bawulski

My wife and I had the great fortune of working with Sheryl Allen on the sale of our home in Lake Villa. Although we currently live in Colorado, Sheryl and I spoke often and she met with my parents for the initial in-house consultation.
Sheryl consistently offered sound advice starting with her suggestion that the appearance of our home would be greatly enhanced by new carpeting. The carpeting did not cost us a fortune and it greatly improved the first impression factor that Sheryl had stressed to me. We received a very favorable offer on the house within two weeks of our listing and the new carpeting. We closed on the sale of our house on July 8th and if not for Sheryl Allen, it wouldn't have happened. She communicated with me consistently, always told me that everything was fine, and was persistent in working with the buyer's agent on the close of the sale.

Hello Sheryl!
I just wanted to let you know how much our family enjoys your newsletters you send out!
The last one we rec'd was "Service For Life". It has fun trivia, helpful tips & enjoyable reading! I look forward to getting more in the future!! Hope all is well! Enjoy whats left of our summer!
Sue Hennessy Hoffman Estates